/Anti-Bulling & Harassment Policy
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KOTB PERFORMANCE ACADEMY is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all of its student families and will not tolerate actions that undermine a person’s rights in relation to this matter.  The Academy will take all steps to prevent or intervene where necessary in situations of bullying behavior.

Bullying can occur anywhere, at any age, across all genders, cultures and social groups.  It can be summarised as:

  • dominating or hurting someone;
  • unfair actions by a perpetrator(s) and/or an imbalance of power;
  • a lack of adequate defence by the victim resulting in feelings of oppression and humiliation.

There are many forms of bullying such as:

  • VERBAL: systematic, repeated verbal abuse, insults, name calling, or racist comments or similar;
  • PHYSICAL: actions by a person or group such as hitting, poking, pushing or tripping with the intention to hurt someone or damage property;
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL: manipulating, threatening or stalking another;
  • CYBER: the use of technology to socially, verbally or psychologically abuse someone through (but not limited to) the use of emails, chat rooms, social networking sites and mobile phones;
  • COVERT: The spreading of rumours, lies, mimicking or deliberately excluding someone, or playing nasty joke that make others feel humiliated or powerless.

A safe and secure community requires all members to be sensitive to one another including students, parents, employees, contractors, volunteers, trainees and/or people undertaking work experience.   Every member of this Academy has a right to be free from bullying.  As such, all members of the Academy have a responsibility to actively practice and promote:

  • values of courtesy, respect, care and compassion in all interactions with all members of our Academy community;
  • supportive and encouraging culture where everyone’s achievements and efforts are celebrated; and
  • a commitment to upholding all aspects of this policy both on and off campus and all social media web-based publications.

KOTB PERFORMANCE ACADEMY has a zero tolerance approach to bullying.  We will be committed to taking any action necessary to protect students from bullying.

In order to prevent any occurrence of bullying or harassment, the Academy will strive to promote effective work and social skills and positive relationships among its members.  We encourage our members to make a conscious effort not to be involved in any incidents of bullying and to report any concerns or incidents that may have been witnessed to a senior member of staff.

We will give our assurance that we will investigate all reports in a timely manner and take appropriate action where necessary.