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Further Information

Class lengths vary with the level of the class taken and age and concentration level of students.  All students are encouraged to maximize all the benefits that our classes have to offer by enthusiastic and regular attendance while displaying great sportsmanship and camaraderie.  We also encourage excellent manners and behaviour, respect and kindness for teachers and fellow students and their families.

We do not allow visitors into the classroom during classes as it distracts from the learning process however Tots Classes are able to be view via the television screen located in our café.



Once students are comfortable in their class environment, they may choose to increase their study with additional classes in Ballet and/or Tap. Children displaying passion and ability may also be invited to join the KOTB Eisteddfod Team (E-Team)



The fundamentals of strong jazz technique will be learned through an energetic mix of upbeat music, proper body placement and strength.  As dancers advance they will gain a working knowledge of terminology and its accurate execution.

KOTB Mini Movers

Itsy Bitsy Movers

A 45 minute class is an introduction to structured jazz dance classes. With increase in age, discipline and structure, this class will develop their co-ordination and listening skills while developing dance technique.

Itsy Bitsy Ballerinas

A 45 minute class with creative movement forming the beginnings of ballet foundations. As they dance to their favourite music, they will learn to improve their rhythm, timing & concentration skills.


Ballet is a very disciplined art requiring students to be attentive and focused. Close detail is placed on the body as accurate placement is necessary for this form of dance. Because of this intensity, ballet is truly the foundation for all forms of dance. Strength is built differently by each student and occurs over a period of time. Dancers will not receive immediate gratification but those who work diligently will achieve success and at the same time will become more graceful and poised.

Contemporary & Lyrical

Contemporary is a creative mix of ballet and jazz. This genre includes a wide range of music, movement and tempo which is highly technical that not only uses advanced skills but also uses expression and emotion to portray images, lyrics and feelings.


Tap is a fun and energetic class using your feet to make sounds to create rhythm and patterns which improve overall co-ordination, timing and musicality.


Hip Hop

Movement in Hip Hop classes is based on current trends in the dance industry most of which can be seen in today’s video hits or tv shows. Hip Hop offers its own set of skills, terminology and acquired strength to execute its many intricate moves.

KOTB Breakdance


Breaking is an extremely fun yet difficult form of art combining the main foundational moves such as toprock, drops and godowns, to the more complex downrock steps, making it a lot of fun, visually creative and a useful tool for your own self-expression.

KOTB Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre

With a combined emphasis on acting, singing and dance, Musical Theatre classes are designed to teach repertoires from famous shows and musicals while also understanding stagecraft and stage terminology.


An innovative class to learn singing anr harmony techniques combining songs and choreographed movement, exciting mashups and a variety of genres and vocal styles.


This is based on Gymnastic floor work progressing from forward and backward rolls to handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, aerials and backflips.

Commercial Jazz

Commercial Jazz

Commercial Jazz is known as a fusion of different styles of dance such as hip hop, jazz, break, locking, popping, crumping, even ballet and ballroom can be worked into the mix although Street Dancing is the most common.

Jackman Street Theatre

The addition of Acting & Drama class will work as a platform to showcase and hone your skills in public performances with excerpts of popular Broadway and West End productions.  Each production-based module will focus on all aspects of training for TV, Film & Stage including Stagecraft and direction, scripts, acting, auditions, screen testing and character development.  Vocals to include dialogue and song, diverse and challenging choreography, to build excellence in theatre performance.

Boys Only

Boys Only Classes

We offer classes for boys only in the styles of ballet, jazz, tap, & a Breakdance/Hip Hop Combo class.  Come & try a class today!


Pointe class is for the serious ballet student where students develop their technique “en pointe”. Readiness for pointe work is determined by each student’s strength and physical development, not by their age. The students dance instructor will advise parents when a student has the necessary strength and maturity to go on pointe.

Eisteddfod Team

Students with passion, dedication displaying a high level of skill are invited to join our E-Team.  Our teams often perform at public events and competitions throughout the year.  As part of the E-Team, students must be dancing at a high standard and have an excellent attitude.  Students must be undertaking a minimum of one jazz, one ballet/stretch & technique class and attend E-Team training  to qualify for E-Team selection.  Costumes for these performances are hired to students.  Full details outlining requirements and associated costs are listed in our E-Team handbook.

RAD Ballet Exams

Students will learn classical ballet and character work with the aim to undertake an annual RAD exam.   RAD (The Royal Academy of Dance) is a worldwide and well-respected Ballet Syllabus.  Exam students are required to undertake a minimum of two ballet classes each week as well as a ballet workshop conducted during the mid-semester school holiday break in preparation for exams usually scheduled in July/August each year.

ADA Tap & Jazz Exams

ADA Tap & Jazz Exams:  Tap & Jazz Exams are currently offered to students for all grades from Primary to Bar to Gold.  Exams are scheduled for July/August each year.