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Kathy Maddock

Kathy Maddock A.R.A.D T.C (Solo Seal)

Kathy began her dance training in Sydney, studying Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Irish Dance, before moving to Queensland to begin Ballet training at Ransley Ballet and Dance Centre. Here Kathy studied and passed each of her RAD Ballet Exams from Primary right through until she was awarded Solo Seal.

At the age of 16, Kathy went on to study full time at the Royal Ballet in London for 3 years. Upon returning to Australia, Kathy moved to the Gold Coast where she performed professionally at Conrad Jupiters Casino in ‘Hollywood Legends’ and ‘Live from the Roosevelt’.

In 1995 Kathy received her Teaching Certificate, being awarded a distinction. She has now held her Teaching Certificate for 20 years this year.

Pursuing her love for teaching, Kathy opened her own dance school and continued teaching here for 4 years before moving to Paris to perform in the Moulin Rouge where she would continue to perform for the next 2 years.

Overseas, Kathy has also appeared in various television commercials and worked professionally as a model.

A passionate freelance teacher on the Gold Coast, Kathy wishes to further train and develop her students with her extreme knowledge in Classical Ballet, and hopes to assist in strengthening both their technique and their commitment in dance. Kathy’s work ethic is filled with passion, friendliness, and the disciplined that is required to produce successful dancers.