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Tammy Zarb

Aerial Silks and Hoops Bio Tammy’s creativity and passion for the arts began at the early age of 4.

Studying with the “Queensland Rhythmic Gymnastics Association” and under the direction of Dawn Ransley and guest teachers of the Royal Ballet School”(London). She has studied Full-­? Time Classical Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Lyrical before taking her repertoire into the air with Aerial Dance in 2000.

After 10 years of International success as a dancer, Tammy moved to the United States of America. Where she performed as a freelance aerial artist quickly becoming known for her stunning aerial performances. Tammy has performed on behalf of celebrities such as -­? John Travlota, Carmen Electra and William H Macy. Corporate Fortune 500 performances include -­? Versace, BMW, Pfizer, Microsoft, Monavie, Xango, Hardrock LIVE Orlando, American Express, Bank of America, Fox News 35, Ritz Carlton, Hilton Hotels and AT&T.

In 2007 Tammy Co-­? Founded Orlando Aerial Arts, which quickly became a sort after training center for aerial instruction, artist development and creative concepts. Training students of all levels and preparing them for a career in the highly skilled field of aerial arts.

Approached by the Artistic Director of Pendulum Dance Theatre in 2007, Tammy commenced coaching the companies Residents Artists and students of all levels, through intense annual workshops. Working on a variety of aerial apparatus, dance and creative movement. Tammy has worked to raise the bar in aerial instruction and artistic aerial design.

To follow later that year, Tammy joined the international core roster of athletes on behalf of performance company, Anti-­?Gravity Inc. based in New York City. As the company continued to push the boundaries of adrenalin in aerial performance, so too did Tammy defying gravity on a variety of apparatus including dancing bungee (and dropping from the ceiling 80 feet in the air head first, into an audience below of thousands) Tammy performed amongst the world’s best artists, including artists form Cirque Du Soleil and has performed alongside Dreyer Webber -­? (aerialist for Pink, Cher, Michael Jackson and Madonna) Shephan Choriere – Zumanity Cirque Du Soleil.

Tammy’s cirque productions include performances for Dreamcast Productions and Aces of acts in Las Vegas. Tammy is proud to finally bring her Aerial Arts program home to Australia, introducing students to the world of flight through unique aerial experiences.