classes - over 6's


Whether you are you looking to move like Beyonce's backup dancers in our 'Commercial Jazz' class, dance like the "Chicago" girls on Broadway or just work on your traditional "Jazz Technique", we have so many jazz styles for you to choose from.


Calling all Fred Astaire and Tap Dog wannabes! KOTB is kinda a big deal in the tapping arena- we even have our very own resident tap dog teacher. If you are looking to master the art and rhythm of street, broadway or traditional tap we are the school for you!

hip hop

A popular dance style born in the Bronx, hip hop is a fun freestyle form for students looking for a less technical and formal style of dance. Come try our unique flavour of Hip Hip to your fav Hip Hop and R&B tunes.


If you are serious about dancing, ballet is the foundation for everything technical. It is full of poise and graceful moves. Ballet demands precision and discipline from students. KOTB also trains for RAD Exams from Primary level to Advanced 2.

lyrical/ contemporary

Sometimes freestyle, sometimes structured. Usually abstract but always here to tell a story. This is an expressive form of dance and if we had to put a label on it, it would say "balletic movement to commercial music". It's pretty cool. Have we got you curious? Come try it out.


If you’ve ever been to see a Cirque De Soleil show, then you would’ve witnessed the spectacular art of tumbling, contortion and balance that is better known to dancers as Acrobatics (Acro).


From the Lion King to Mary Poppins, Broadway is home to all the world class and most loved live stage shows. Our Musical Theatre class (for Juniors) & Production (for Seniors) combine acting, singing, and dance to tell a story. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll cheer, you'll sing; it's an artistic experience unlike any other.

boys only

We love having the boys around our studio. Our boys-only classes are fun, energetic and loud but with just the right amount of discipline boys need to get the job done. Co-ed classes are cool too however under the direction of Mr Ben Mayne (one of the original tap dogs) boys can learn & bond together in their own space too.