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Dance Class Etiquette Essentials

Dance Class Etiquette Essentials

Below we have outlined a few things for you to help your child to understand dance class etiquette.

These are not only for dance class, some of these are what we as adults now know as common sense and part of the rules for growing up for example… This is what’s acceptable, this isn’t. (You don’t have to explain to your child why they can’t go to the supermarket naked, do you? Same deal.)

Surprisingly kids pick up on social codes quickly and know exactly who has violated them and how — which kid didn’t share, which kids used curse words at a birthday party, which kid is mean at day care etc. Kids can be much harsher than adults when dishing out punishment and that’s why we think it is vital to keep teaching them that being well-mannered doesn’t make you prissy or stuck-up — it makes you a person other people like to be around.

Dance Class Etiquette Essentials:

  • Be kind to instructor/s and classmates at all times.
  • Come to class beautifully groomed with hair tied back to show your happy face.
  • Dress in correct uniform and dance shoes and be on time.
  • Don’t wear dangling or sharp-edged jewelry or watches.
  • Go to the toilet before and after class, do not ask in the middle of class, as your teacher cannot leave the classroom to help you.
  • Do not chew gum or bring food and drinks other than a waterbottle into the studio.
  • Never wear your dance shoes outside the studio or wear street shoes in the studio. And check for loose screws …on your taps before you step foot on the dance floor.
  • Leave your stuff in the designated spaces.
  • Do not talk while the teacher is talking. Not even whispering to the person next to you.
  • Listen first, then ask questions.
  • Respect the personal space of others.
  • Respect the dance space. Pick up rubbish, your clothes, and don’t turn things on, off, up, or down in the space without permission.
  • Never use curse words, even when you make a mistake.
  • Don’t “hang” or slouch on the barre or anywhere else, for that matter. Be attentive at all times, especially when waiting for your turn.
  • Remember:  No sitting – only dancing !!