Dance Starts with Baby Steps

Dance Starts with Baby Steps

Itsy Bitsy Ballerinas is designed to teach the absolute foundation of Ballet. Co-ordination, imagination, focus and movement. These foundation skills are all taught through short fun activities one little baby step at a time.

While it is important to us to give the children a fun and positive experience, we also feel strongly about teaching them the basics of dance. This differentiates us from activities where the goal is predominantly to entertain or just amuse children.

When it comes to their kids, parents want them to have the best. It’s common knowledge that exposure to things like sports and the arts help children to become more well rounded young men and women. Dancing is a great medium for both girls and boys and the beauty of it all is they can start young. At KOTB our Itsy Bitsy Ballerinas can start at the tender age of just 18 months.

In recent years classical ballet sometimes gets pushed aside in favor of hip-hop, jazz and other forms. But, did you know that beginning with ballet will help lay the foundation for these other types of dancing?

Some of the benefits of ballet for young kids are:

  • Learning to follow instructions
  • Learning to take turns
  • Learning the basics of discipline through learning new positions
  • Learning co-ordination, balance and how to control their bodies in motion
  • Learning to share through use of class props
  • Being active
  • Learning to be comfortable performing

When a child is young, learning new things is easier for them. They can adapt and learn more quickly than when they are older. So for a child to begin in ballet at an early age and to start learning foundations one baby step at a time, they are not only learning a valued art form but are also getting a head start in learning life lessons for the life that is ahead of them.

If your child has expressed an interest in dance, consider trialling an Itsy Bitsy Ballerina class, a trial will help you to see if your little one is ready before you make the decision to enrol them for ongoing classes. See our Timetable here.