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Dancing through life

Dancing through life

Why dancing makes you smarter!

Dancing impacts pretty much every aspect of our lives.  If you’ve ever wondered if the cost of a dance class is worth it, I’m here to tell you what you are really buying into.

1            Dance Teaches You to Learn Quickly.

Knowing how to memorize four combinations in a week comes in pretty handy when you need to remember seven math formulas for your next exam.  Dance is all about making goals and accomplishing them.

2            Dancing Makes Us Great Listeners.

Part of being a smart person is being able to effectively listen to others and dancers totally get that, thanks to years and years of absorbing feedback from their dance teachers and role models.

3            Persistence Pays.

Whether we’re trying to conquer a difficult ballet step or master a physics formula, dancers understand that giving up isn’t an option.  You also learn that you can’t possibly be the best all the time so don’t be hard on yourself if you mess up.  Deal with the disappointments and be determined to do it better the next time.  Remember that you’re only as good as the practice you put in.

4            Improved Memory and Concentration Skills.

Some of us might struggle to remember a password or our mobile phone number even. Dancers have to remember multiple routines including where they are positioned in each routine as well the position of every other member of the group.   

5            Smart People Plan Ahead.

Because your body couldn’t have executed that tricky turn sequence unless your brain knew it was coming three x eight-counts before, counting becomes second nature while rhythm & musicality helps to learn & understand methodically.

6            Multi-tasker & Problem-solver.

How can we do a crazy isolation with our shoulders while also pulling off a perfect tilt with our lower body? Dance is always asking us to do multiple things at once, making us great at solving tricky problems too.

7            Time Management & Accountability.

When you are part of the team, you show up, on time, and on point.

Even if you’re sick – you show up, if you’re carrying an injury – you show up.

Dance starts at 4pm (not 4.15pm or 4.25pm) and if you’re late – you show up and apologise.  Learning discipline outside of the home will be incorporated into daily life for years to come.

8            Builder of Teamwork & Friendships.

Dancing with your friends as part of your ‘A’ team builds trust and valuable partnerships with like-minded friends that often last a lifetime.  It teaches you to be a proud, supportive, kind and caring team member that can be depended on.

9            Creativity, Freedom & Expression.

Highly intelligent people are incredibly creative, and dancers can whip out a brilliant improvisation at the drop of a hat.  And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to bust a move to your favourite song that gives you that ‘feel good’ vibe no matter how old you are. 

10          Strong, Flexible & Self-Confident Little Humans.

Dance teaches us to use the mirror to guide us, improve our technique, enhance our confidence and body awareness and to love the person looking back and to take care of our body.  You know, that dancer in the mirror will still have the Moves Like Jagger well into their adult years.

But dancing isn’t just about movement – it’s about life.

NOW …… I’ll just leave this right here for you to ponder over again the value of a dance class!   Happy September.